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There are many ways a fire can start that will result in property damage. Fires can be created from kitchen grease fires to electrical fires, and even accidental fires. Each case can be quite devastating. Quick response times and proper knowledge will lead to less property damage and a more pleasant experience when restoring your home back to pre-loss conditions.

Fire Damage, Panama City, FL, Restoration Services

Due to the corrosive nature of the soot cause by fire, extreme care and expertise is needed to insure that surfaces and contents are not further damaged in the cleaning process and the occupant’s health is protected from the particulates. Time is also a consideration, it is best to get electronics, metals, and delicate fabrics processed as quickly as possible to limit permanent damage. Disaster Response Team’s certified and trained restoration technicians recognize the challenges of soot damaged property and contents and are trained and experienced to handle these restoration situations.  Disaster Response Team will not only address the soot, odor, and water left by a fire, but address the air quality and indoor environmental health of the building.

Disaster Response Team’s first concern is for the homeowner and their family, which leads us to the first step from Fire Damage to Fire Restoration. The first step after a commercial or home fire is to secure the property. Disaster Response Team has created a board up program which assists homeowners in securing the property after a fire. We are able to board up windows or doorways for security of the property. If the fire resulted in major property damage, we are able to provide temporary fencing until repairs can be made to the property. Our board up program has technicians who are specially trained to properly assist after the fire damage to the property. Additionally, their vehicles are specifically outfitted with the proper tools so that they can provide a quick response time.

Fire Damage, Restoration, Panama City, FL

Sometimes fire damage can result in water damage to a property (from when the fire was extinguished). In these cases, our water technicians are able to assist the fire crew. Our water technicians extract water and set up equipment to prevent any further property damages from the sedentary water.

After the property is secured and the main emergency response is taken care of from the fire, our fire inspector comes to inspect the property. He is able to provide a recommended detailed scope of work for the property that involves fire structure cleaning, home contents cleaning, and even repairs. Disaster Response Team is able to walk you through the whole claim from wipe down of soot to the last stroke of paint. The detailed scope of work is provided to the homeowner for approval.

Also, if there is an insurance company, our claims specialist will work with the insurance company on the homeowner’s behalf. The insurance claims specialist on staff is familiar with the required insurance documents and will provide all the necessary forms in order to receive maximized claim return to fully restore the property.

Disaster Response Team understands that this may be your first property loss and want to ensure a smooth transition through all of the stages of the fire restoration process.

Disaster Response Team 

Fire Damage response 24 hour a day – 7 days a week!

When Disaster Response Team receives a call after hours, it is a member of our staff, not an answering service. We immediately respond to your property’s disaster.  Our trained, knowledgeable, and compassionate staff promises to walk you through the whole process and keep in constant communication during the restoration journey.